February 18, 2023

Twins Newborn Photography

Durham NC Newborn Photographer

Twins Newborn Photography | Durham, North Carolina

I love photographing newborn babies, though I usually get to photograph one baby at a time. But when a twin session inquiry comes in I get extra excited because I get to snuggle two babies at once!!! I call it double a blessing! Twice of snuggles!

Twins newborn photography is so fun! Lots of snuggling poses, but I also make sure to photograph their individual portrait. Even though most of twin babies look similar or exactly the same sometimes, but their personalities are not. I love helping parents capturing these very special moments with each of their own personalities so they each will have their own photos to treasure.

If you're expecting and looking for a twin newborn photographer in Durham, North Carolina, look no further than Tangmo Choi Photography. Twin newborn sessions take place either in Tangmo's in-home studio in Durham or she can come to your comfort of home with props and equipment. She wears mask throughout the session to make sure the not spreading any germs she may or may not have. She is also fully vaccinated on top of the mask

Tangmo Choi Photography specializes in newborns, babies, maternity, and family in the Durham, Raleigh, Wake forest, Morrisville and the surrounding area. She has been photographing a little over 4 years, has magical newborn shooting powers and knows how to pose couples and family.

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