September 17, 2022

How to Prep Your In-home Lifestyle Newborn Session

Durham NC Newborn Photographer

This prep guide will help you prepare for your upcoming In-home Lifestyle Newborn Session with me. The younger the baby is, the more likely that he/she will sleep more, which means I'll be able to photograph more photos of the baby alone. Please be sure to email me within 24-48 hours after the baby is born so we can schedule the date for your session.

If you have a boy and are choosing to have him circumcised, I suggest having the procedure done at least seven days prior to your session. His discomfort shortly after the circumcision will greatly affect the success of the session.

Age 7-14 days is ideal for an In-home Lifestyle Newborn Session. Once Baby reaches 15 days old, he/she will have more awake time during the day, baby acne will start to develop, and the newborn "peach fuzz" will go away.

Before the Session

There is very little prep that is needed before your session. You'll want to tidy-up and open shades/blinds in one or two well-lit areas of your smoke-free home. Most clients like to have their session take place in the baby's nursery and master bedroom. Interior lights will be turned off during our session.

In the days leading up to your session, I will arrive at 10:45am to setup the areas where we will be photographing. Please keep Baby awake and stimulated for 1-2 hours before I arrive. (This is usually a good job for Dad so Mom can take this time getting ready.) A stimulating bath is usually a good way to encourage deep sleep throughout the session.

I suggest you start feeding Baby about 30 minutes before the session so that he/she has a full tummy and will likely fall asleep just as we are ready to start the session. Once he/she has finished feeding, please keep the baby in a diaper only and loosely wrapped in a blanket to keep him/her warm. Avoid wrapping him/her in a tight swaddle and having the baby fall asleep.

The baby should be awake, yet drowsy, when we start the session. I will have you change Baby into a fresh diaper just before I wrap him/her in a swaddle blanket (which I will bring with me).

Your hands will be in some photos. Moms, you may want to touch up your nails (if that's important to you) and wear your wedding ring/band (if you want). Please refer to my Portrait Style Guide for detailed information on how to dress your family and feel free to reach out if you have any other questions!

If you have older sibling(s), your session may last closer to two hours. We will start with family and sibling photos first (group photos), then finish up with parent photos and a few individuals of the baby.

After the Session

I will select and edit each and every photo for your gallery. I will ensure your baby's skin is creamy and smooth and that any temporary blemishes (baby acne, "stork bites", cradle cap, etc.) are removed so the perfect and beautiful features of your newborn will shine through. 

I know that you are very eager to see all the fantastic photos we just finished shooting and I'm always excited to start working on them! For that reason, I try to have 1-2 sneak peeks ready and, with your permission, posted to Instagram and/or Facebook within one week of your session. This lets you see a couple photos before your blog post is published and gets your friends and family excited as well!

Your entire collection of beautifully polished images will be ready approximately one month following the session. I will email you with a link to your custom gallery when they are complete! I'm praying for a smooth and healthy labor and delivery. I cannot wait to meet your sweet baby!!