September 4, 2022

Full Session vs Mini Session

Durham NC Family Photographer

Today, I want to share with you the difference between a full session and mini session to help you know what type of photo session is best for your family

Full Session

My full session can be from 45 minutes to 2+ hours depending on the type of photography session. A regular full session for family, maternity, lifestyle newborn, and cake smash are 45 - 60 minutes. Newborn in studio is usually 2 - 3 hours.

A full session is my favorite because I can get creative. I can try in different angle and get you posed with different background and always end up with so many great shots! Hear more why I like a full session.


  • You get to choose the date and location
  • You have 45-60 minutes (except newborn session in studio) and usually no session before or after you. No need to rush
  • You can walk around to get different nice backgrounds and spend more or less time at your favorite spot
  • Your gallery is full of diverse images like posed, candid, close ups and far away images
  • You get 20 digital images and option to purchase more


  • It costs more, of course
  • It's too long for some clients

Mini Session

My mini session is about 15 minutes. I run mini sessions a few times a year like Valentine's Day, Mommy & Me, Headshots, and Fall Minis.

These minis are mainly for my existing clients and subscribers. I want to make sure they get to document these moments with their children and get a headshot done once a year. I do offer any remaining spots to public so those follow me on Instagram and Facebook get a chance to have an experience with me.


  • You spend less money. Like getting a piece of cake instead of a whole one. So it's cheaper
  • You get to spend time with me only 15 minutes. Perfect for those little ones with short attention spans
  • You get 5 digital images and option to purchase more if you want


  • You can't be late. Your time is limited. There maybe people before or after your time slot
  • You get less diverse images in your gallery
  • You cannot add extended family. There is just not enough time

Whether a full session or mini session, I am just happy that you decide to get these moments captured. Your little ones will only be this little once. Capturing these moments while you can to cherish for a lifetime!